Quantum sensors on the road to industrial applications

Thierry Debuisschert, Coordinator of AMADEUS (TRT), attended the 2023 European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC) taking place at the Convention Center in Hannover, Germany from October 16-20, 2023. On October 17th, he participated to the round table of the High-level Panel, discussing about European Leadership in Quantum Technologies. It is a moderated panel featuring high-level representatives of the European Commission, […]

Quantum Sensing Gordon Research Conference–Frontiers of Sensing in the Quantum Regime with Atomic, Solid-State and Photonic Systems

The AMADEUS project was presented by USTUTT at the Quantum Sensing GRC event held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, from the 23rd to the 28th of July 2023.  The Quantum sensing GRC is a premier, international scientific conference focused on advancing the frontiers of science through the presentation of cutting-edge and unpublished research, prioritizing time for […]

33rd International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials

From September 10 – 14 2023, members of the AMADEUS consortium presented their latest results on diamond growth and quantum sensing at the 33rd International Conference onDiamond and Carbon Materials in Palma, Spain. In overall 6 oral and 1 poster presentation from Fraunhofer IAF and Diatope, the consortium shared the ongoing research progress. The main […]

AMADEUS 2nd General Assembly in Stuttgart

On the 6th and 7th of September 2023, the AMADEUS project held its 2nd General Assembly at the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT). Partners presented their main technical achievements and principal results, offering vision about the project’s progression on the development of diamond based quantum sensors. At the end of the first day of meeting, participants were able […]

QBN meeting on Applications of Diamond-based Quantum Computing & Sensing

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On May 4th, 2023, a QBN meeting hosted by Fraunhofer IAF was held in Freiburg on Applications of Diamond-based Quantum Computing & Sensing. The Quantum Business Network (QBN) offers developers and users of quantum technologies an opportunity for contact and information exchange as well as the presentation of new technologies in the network. Members of […]

AMADEUS kick-off meeting

Amadeus project members

We are happy to announce the successful launch of the EU-funded project AMADEUS (Advancing the MArket uptake of Diamond dEfects qUantum Sensors). It started on October 1, 2022 and it will last for three years. AMADEUS is an industry-oriented consortium involving large companies, RTOs, SME’s and academic partners. The project targets the market uptake of quantum sensors exploiting Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centres in ultrapure diamond crystals, one of the most promising and market-ready technology of quantum sensing. NV centres in diamond is the core element for robust quantum sensing with unprecedented compactness, which enables disruptive technologies for a variety of applications ranging from novel tools for semiconductor industry to novel ways to measure and analyse brain functions.