Magnetic sensitivity enhancement via polarimetric excitation and detection of an ensemble of NV centers

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The negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy center (NV) presents remarkable spin-dependent optical properties that make it an interesting tool for magnetic field sensing. In this paper we exploit the polarization properties of the NV center absorption and emission processes to improve the magnetic sensitivity of an ensemble of NV centers. By simply equipping the experimental set-up of a half-wave plate in the excitation path and a polarizer in the detection path we demonstrate an improvement larger than a factor of two on the NV center magnetic sensitivity.

Hasselt Diamond Workshop

50 years UHASSELT

The 27th meeting of the international Hasselt Diamond Workshop continues the tradition of being the annual “early bird” venue for researchers to exchange the latest news on the progress in science and applications of CVD diamond. The meeting began in 1996 as a workshop for discussions about ‘Surface and Bulk Defects in Diamond’ (hence the acronym SBDD), and has since become known as one of the premier international conferences on diamond science and technology.

AMADEUS kick-off meeting

Amadeus project members

We are happy to announce the successful launch of the EU-funded project AMADEUS (Advancing the MArket uptake of Diamond dEfects qUantum Sensors). It started on October 1, 2022 and it will last for three years. AMADEUS is an industry-oriented consortium involving large companies, RTOs, SME’s and academic partners. The project targets the market uptake of quantum sensors exploiting Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centres in ultrapure diamond crystals, one of the most promising and market-ready technology of quantum sensing. NV centres in diamond is the core element for robust quantum sensing with unprecedented compactness, which enables disruptive technologies for a variety of applications ranging from novel tools for semiconductor industry to novel ways to measure and analyse brain functions.

DIADEMS project (EC – FP7)


The DIADEMS project aimed at exploiting the unique physical properties of NV color centres in ultrapure single-crystal CVD-grown diamond to develop innovative devices with unprecedented performances for ICT applications. By exploiting the atom-like structure of the NV that exhibits spin dependent optical transitions, DIADEMS made optics-based magnetometry possible. TRT was the coordinator and the project successfully ended on August 31st, 2017.

ASTERIQS project (EC – H2020)


Development of a spectrum analyser up to TRL 4-5 (TRT). Further development and research on miniaturised NV-based magnetometers for a wider range of applications (Bosch) Bottom-up grown tips for NV scanning (IAF), Development of diamond gradiometer (SQUTEC), Nanoscale quantum sensing (USTUTT), Investigation of PDMR readout (IMEC). TRT was the coordinator and the project successfully ended on March 31st, 2022.