Advancing the market uptake of diamond defects quantum sensors

1 October 2022

Project start date

36 months


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Our partners

The AMADEUS consortium brings together 8 partner organisations from 3 countries: France, Germany, Belgium and is built by 3 major companies, 2 research centers, 2 SMEs ad 1 academic.


AMADEUS relates to the Quantum (QT) Flagship initiative launched by the EC to unlock the full potential of quantum technologies and their take-up into commercial products in Europe.

AMADEUS is an industry-oriented consortium that will prepare the market uptake of quantum sensors exploiting NV centres in ultrapure diamond, one of the most promising and market-ready technology of quantum sensing.


Related projects

AMADEUS builds on previous projects (DIADEMS, ASTERIQS) efforts for installing a network of key players around the core technology of NV-centres in diamond, bringing together European actors across the entire Value Chain (from materials all the way to system integration and end users) either as Consortium members or via the project Industrial Advisory Board.

DIADEMS project (EC – FP7)

The DIADEMS project aimed at exploiting the unique physical properties of NV color centres in ultrapure single-crystal CVD-grown diamond to develop innovative devices with unprecedented performances for ICT applications. By...

ASTERIQS project (EC – H2020)

Development of a spectrum analyser up to TRL 4-5 (TRT). Further development and research on miniaturised NV-based magnetometers for a wider range of applications (Bosch) Bottom-up grown tips for NV...